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Business Communications for the 21st Century

Why Choose VOIP Portland?

Why choose VOIP Portland as the installing dealer for your VOIP premise or cloud phone system?

  1. We have nearly 34 years’ experience servicing thousands of phone systems in Oregon and SW Washington. We are the oldest company of our kind in the area.
  2. We are experts in low voltage solutions. We do not try to be a jack of all trades types.
  3. Our average technician has over fifteen years’ experience installing systems.
  4. We are very detail oriented. For instance, we do such a thorough job on installations that we prerecord all your voice mail main greetings, personal greetings and auto attendant before your next business day.
  5. Fully licensed in Oregon and Washington. CCB 78741. No claims or complaints against us in 33 years of operations.
  6. We are fun people to work with on your telecom projects.

Are VOIP systems a good choice, and if so, which ones?

The best, simple advice to give someone in this volatile market is to choose a system, phones and infrastructure that run on the current standard (SIP – Session Initiation Protocol). An open system with no licensing fees, hidden away in the fine print.

Big brand VOIP manufacturers are becoming dinosaurs going forward. Selling an XYZ phone system and their proprietary phones is fading fast.

Be able to choose from dozens of manufacturers’ phones, add-ons, etc to build a system. For instance, all these phones will work on the same phone system. $500 to $50 each, you have many choices. Why install a $400 phone for someone in a cubicle that will just be on one line at a time anyway?
Manufacturers phones
There are already ‘phone systems’ no bigger than more PC’s keyboard that will run 50 lines and 500 phone lines. Many call them appliances now vs phone systems. They are radically changing the telecom world by leaps and bounds right now. Sometimes a premise appliance makes practical and financial sense over a hosted/cloud solution. We can tell right away which will work better for you.

Featured System

3CX Phone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost and replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. 3CX Phone System's web-based management console makes it easy to configure, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

Telephone Systems

Getting you the best phone system is our primary goal. We find the solution that is best for you, not what is best for us. Putting your best interest first is why we have lasted 30 years in this hyper-competitive business. Whether it is a small digital system or a full blown VOIP communications platform, we have what you need.

Wiring Services

VOIP Portland offers a full line of wiring services. Whether it’s for phone, data, video, paging, door-phones, video surveillance, or fiber optics we have the highest quality solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Local & Long Distance Service

VOIP Portland is an authorized agent for several local and long distance companies. We can easily locate what carrier you should be using for your phone and data lines. Basic phone lines, PRIs, VOIP/SIP, DSL and even wireless services are available in almost all areas.