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Business Communications for the 21st Century

Reduce Your Costs, Increase Your Productivity and Mobility with a VoIP Portland Phone System

Move to a VoIP Phone System – an award-winning open standard VoIP.

  1. Lower your company’s call costs and truly globalize your business by leveraging VoIP Providers and bridging your offices for easy inter-office calls.
  2. Increase mobility by allowing your employees to take their office extension with them wherever they go!
  3. Increase productivity with Unified Communications features that allow you to setup conference calls in a matter of seconds and see the presence of your colleagues.

Our premise-based VoIP systems support popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. The open platform opens the door to hundreds of vendor options. Our open architecture platforms eliminate being held hostage by a proprietary hardware vendor.

Yealink T46 with side console

“If you’re in the market for a new phone system, look no further! We just had a seamless installation of a new VoIP system for our business (100+ employees). In our two businesses this is the 3rd system we have purchased from Vance and his crew over the last 20 years. Each time we have had an incredible experience due to their attention to detail, professionalism, flexibility to work around our schedule and eagerness to customize features to our desires. Servicing of the systems has always been so easy with us feeling like we were the only customer they had to give attention to that day. Prompt and courteous always!” Miles Brandon, Owner, Capistrano Volkswagen

10 Advantages of VoIP Portland Phone System

  1. Easy to manage by an IT administrator or we have service agreements where we will handle configuration and maintenance.
  2. Costs less to buy and expand. No more expensive cards or complex configurations.
  3. Greater return on investment. You own a premise system, if that choice is correct for you.
  4. Use existing hardware and make huge savings. Many times we can carry over old phones for upgrades.
  5. More features because of the resources of dozens of top manufacturers – not being tied to one name, one product line.
  6. Hardware and vendor independent – no vendor lock in. Multiple vendors can be resourced.
  7. Better fault tolerance through easy backup of your PBX. Includes cloud backup nightly or synced real time.
  8. More scalable than hardware PBXs. Really no limit to expansion possibilities.
  9. Better integration with other business applications. Advanced Contact Management, call recording, Android and I-phone apps.
  10. Easy integration of non-phone devices such as surveillance cameras.

“We originally had a flawed and buggy Cisco system that was a nightmare to maintain, and then a Shoretel system that was also breaking the bank in terms of licensing and costs. VoIP Portland’s systems not only gave us much nicer (tablet/video!) phones for our 12 networked offices but the features we always desired.

Integrated of our agents and staff’s mobile devices has been top notch.

Best of all no license fees and much less costly and simpler management. The thousands a month we were paying for service from others is now all gone.

Thank you VoIP Portland! The best IT-related decision we ever made.” Kaylin – RE/MAX

Telephone Systems

Getting you the best phone system is our primary goal. We find the solution that is best for you, not what is best for us. Putting your best interest first is why we have lasted 30 years in this hyper-competitive business. Whether it is a small digital system or a full blown VOIP communications platform, we have what you need.

Wiring Services

VOIP Portland offers a full line of wiring services. Whether it’s for phone, data, video, paging, door-phones, video surveillance, or fiber optics we have the highest quality solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Local & Long Distance Service

VOIP Portland is an authorized agent for several local and long distance companies. We can easily locate what carrier you should be using for your phone and data lines. Basic phone lines, PRIs, VOIP/SIP, DSL and even wireless services are available in almost all areas.