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Business Communications for the 21st Century

Discover the Advantages of a True VoIP IP PBX

Premise or remote-hosted systems offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are still many applications for premise based phone SIP servers which allow economies of scale and a purchase vs hosted being an ongoing service.


An on-premise phone system utilizes hardware & software which is located at a customer location – typically in an IT closet, break room or some other area of the business. These components go by a variety of names such as common equipment, CPU, KSU, Server, PBX, etc. These devices house various circuit cards which support operation of the various telephones, phone company lines, voicemail, etc. On-premise systems can also include a VoIP PBX or IP PBX. The terms are interchangeable. These are similar to traditional on-premise systems in that they too reside at a customer location. One of the main differences is how the telephones themselves communicate with the on-premise hardware. Instead of using traditional telephone wiring, the VoIP PBX utilizes your existing computer networking to carry the voice traffic between your telephones and your on-premise system. When using a VoIP PBX, your calls can still go through a traditional phone company as well as the ability to utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to take advantage of SIP Trunking. SIP trunking is yet another option for customers to obtain ‘dial tone’ services obtained from an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) rather than a traditional telephone company.

  • Typically a higher startup cost to purchase the system
  • Potential maintenance costs on system as it ages
  • Lower monthly cost after initial purchase of system
  • Ability to utilize either traditional telephone companies or SIP trunk provider for dial tone
  • On-premise system provider completes a pre-installation checklist and qualifies your network if utilizing VoIP.
  • On-premise system provider will design, configure and install your on-premise system.
  • On-premise system provider will make recommendations on system usage & train staff.


  • You do not have to change your current telephone company
  • SIP Trunks (VoIP) can be added to some systems, potentially reducing monthly costs
  • On-premise systems can either utilize existing telephone wiring or operate on your computer network (LAN). This can be a huge plus for businesses that do not have the cabling infrastructure capable of handling VoIP.
  • Owning your own system can reduce expenses over time
  • Customer can rely on their on-premise system provider for support and maintenance, freeing the customer from that task and allowing them to focus on their business.
  • Training of staff on the new on-premise system is handled by your on-premise system provider.
  • With SIP trunking and some PRI providers, loss of your Internet or other catastrophic event – rerouting of calls can be an automatic process until service is restored. This can take the stress off of you when the unexpected happens.


  • On-premise systems need a provider who has the expertise to manage it properly.
  • Technical staff will be needed for software upgrades if needed as well as potential system expansion.
  • Loss of power or on-premise system failure can result in callers not being able to reach your business – causing frustration, potential lost business and panic if your system is no longer supported.
  • System replacement. At a point, equipment does get older and will need to be replaced.


Telephone Systems

Getting you the best phone system is our primary goal. We find the solution that is best for you, not what is best for us. Putting your best interest first is why we have lasted 30 years in this hyper-competitive business. Whether it is a small digital system or a full blown VOIP communications platform, we have what you need.

Wiring Services

VOIP Portland offers a full line of wiring services. Whether it’s for phone, data, video, paging, door-phones, video surveillance, or fiber optics we have the highest quality solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Local & Long Distance Service

VOIP Portland is an authorized agent for several local and long distance companies. We can easily locate what carrier you should be using for your phone and data lines. Basic phone lines, PRIs, VOIP/SIP, DSL and even wireless services are available in almost all areas.