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Business Communications for the 21st Century

Make your Mobile Devices truly productive business tools.

VoIP Portland’s premise and hosted communications systems are compatible with many very nice and FREE mobile and PC applications. No more having to buy licensing or extra seats to have the convenience of a mobile or PC application.

There is one communications system seller that charges $250 per mobile app activation. This is the kind of nonsense we hate.

Our systems are super advanced when it comes to mobility

Your employee goes to the Google Playstore or I-store and downloads one of many available apps. The communication server sends them an email or text with an avatar that programs their device with one click.

VoIP Portand has solutions for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac allow you to use mobile/desktop devices as efficient phones. They are not for everyone of course, but they have their place. Anyone feature that many companies love is dual-ring. The desk phone rings 1-2 times and then the person’s mobile phone also rings.

Features at a glance

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Use your work number rather your personal mobile number
  • Make free inter-office calls from wherever you are
  • Easily configurable remotely via Email, no hassle setup
  • Manage your own Forwarding Rules
  • Integrated chat, message other users for free
Telephone Systems

Getting you the best phone system is our primary goal. We find the solution that is best for you, not what is best for us. Putting your best interest first is why we have lasted 30 years in this hyper-competitive business. Whether it is a small digital system or a full blown VOIP communications platform, we have what you need.

Wiring Services

VOIP Portland offers a full line of wiring services. Whether it’s for phone, data, video, paging, door-phones, video surveillance, or fiber optics we have the highest quality solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Local & Long Distance Service

VOIP Portland is an authorized agent for several local and long distance companies. We can easily locate what carrier you should be using for your phone and data lines. Basic phone lines, PRIs, VOIP/SIP, DSL and even wireless services are available in almost all areas.